Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Birthday Cake

Big G turned one last week. Now I can't call him little G anymore, he told me I need to start calling him big G. Okay, not really, but it hardly seems fair not to recognize this huge landmark in his life.

At one year old exactly, Gavin is...

Not yet walking,
But crawling really fast (like a cheetah, but Kristin still calls him Speedy the Turtle)...
Clapping his hands when we clap ours,
Saying "oh'!" when he drops something on the floor,
Showing off his 8 teeth (by affectionately biting me when he hugs me)...
Tickling his own feet while saying "tickatickatickatickaticka",
Blowing raspberries on us,
"Driving" any toy that can be pushed across the floor while making motor noises with his lips,
Pulling blankets, pillows, or stuffed animals onto the floor and laying on them and snuggling them while he hums...
Feeding himself with a fork,
Loving bathtime, especially splashing the water all over,
Splashing his hands in the dog's water dish,
Sneaking cat food any chance he gets (yum!),
Loves ice cream, but eats almost anything we put in front of him,
In the 75%ile for his height and weight at 30 1/2 inches tall and 241/2 lbs,
Still loves to be outside,
Sleeping from 8pm until 7am plus two naps,
Loves reading books,

Plays with plastic spoons and cups on the kitchen floor, pretending to stir something in the cup,
A real sweetheart with a fun sense of humor and a lovable personality!

Happy Birthday, sweet baby G... I mean Big G. We love you. (and yes, you can have another ice cream cake when you turn 2 years old!).

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Renee said...

I'm sad i missed it, but he looks like he enjoyed the party.