Friday, November 20, 2009

Our Little Musician

It's sort of tradition at Grandma & Grandpa Sellner's house that the kids play the piano, no matter how old or how young they are. We didn't necessarily mean to do it, but I think we have a photo like this of every one of my parents grandkids - and that's a lot of kids. The kids love the piano. They play it on their own, they play it with eachother, they make up songs, they read music, and in Gavin's case, they just like to bang on it. They love to make music. I love that they love making music. I hope Gavin continues to appreciate music and finds ways to make his own music throughout his life. Music can be calming, exhilarating, inspiring, energizing and soothing. I hope that when he can't make his own music, that he can find the music in the world around him... In the wind through the trees, in the geese flying overhead, in the squeak of the snow under his feet, and the leaves rustling on the sidewalk. I hope he will learn that music surrounds him, no matter how quiet it may sometimes be. I hope he finds inspiration, comfort, exhilaration and energy in the music around him and inside him.

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