Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ah... the Holidays

I LOVE the holidays. I like Thanksgiving just fine, but I LOVE Christmas. For me, Christmas starts around mid-october... earlier if we have snow. I've been asking Cliff for weeks when we're going to go cut our Christmas Tree.

However, along with the holidays, comes all of the planning, the baking, the shopping, the wrapping, etc. I am a big planner when it comes to Christmas. I make spreadsheets of gifts I'm giving, to make sure I don't forget anything or overspend too much. I have big ideas and little time. I don't care though - I love it.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. All I have to bring is Salad. Easy, right? It's 10:45 at night and this is what my salad currently looks like...

See those pecans? They're burnt. Yup, charred. You see, I thought I'd be all efficient and mix up my cookie dough for Saturday's cookie baking day today, and make my glazed pecans for the salad all at the same time so that once Gavin was napping, I could throw both in the oven. But, I didn't exactly get the cookie dough mixed up and so I put the pecans in the oven and then gave Gavin his bottle... then put him in bed... then smelled burning nuts. Then saw smoke. Then removed five pounds of perfectly charred glazed pecans. I couldn't get the vent fan going fast enough and soon the kitchen was full of stinky smoke. Ugh...

Next... So, as usual I am making Gingerbread Cookies for our annual cooking baking day. I like to bake them ahead of time since I decorate each one uniquely and that takes a whole day in itself. It's much easier if they're already mixed up, cut out, and baked ahead of time! When they're all finished, they're supposed to look something like this, only a little cuter.

Right now, they look like this...
And my kitchen floor looks like this...

What can I say, my one-year old boy loves cookbooks, plastic spoons, and shopping circulars? Okay, so he plays with the cookbooks because they're easily accessible and pretty harmless. The plastic spoons are one of the things we allow him to take out of the cupboards and make a mess out of. He loves to spread them out all over the floor and use them to stir imaginary food. I'm not sure where the juicer or the beater for the electric mixer come into play here, but he was playing with those too. I will admit that I gave him the circulars to play with when he wanted to push buttons on my laptop. I thought the circulars might distract him for a while... and they did! ...for about 22 seconds.

So, at 11pm I have a disaster on my floor, a disaster on my kitchen island, no cookie dough, and a burnt salad. Hey, at least I'm laughing at it rather than crying!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm thankful for the ability to remember what is important and what is not worth worrying about and let the spoons lay.


Renee said...

Well, tomorrow I was planning on asking you what you were doing on friday and if I could come out. Instead, I'll ask this, "do you want me to comeout friday and enterain Gavin so you can bake the gingerbread men?

kristinrose24 said...

I love it. So true about kids... 'cause I would know. :)