Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hi there!

I thought I'd better just write to tell you that we're still here and we're all fine! ...and it's not winter anymore. I know my last post was of wintertime and included our snow-covered yard...  and well, that seems like a long time ago. Life feels different now. Entirely.

The Daffodils and Tulips are up, the Apricot trees and Forsythia bushes have already bloomed. The sweet little nodding blue blossoms of Siberian Squill are adding little splashes of color to the otherwise brown and dormant flower beds as most of the perennial plants aren't quite awake yet.

I bought some pansies and stuck them into a few little pots on the porches and a couple on the kitchen table to brighten things up. I washed the glass on the patio doors and the sidelights along the front door so that we can actually see outside now and are not squinting through sticky fingerprints and pet-nose smudges. It's amazing what a difference clear glass makes. I washed the glass on the patio table with a vinegar mixture and it is actually shining.

Spring is here. We're outside. We're playing in the dirt, riding bikes, sitting in the sun, eating dinner on the patio, and I even already took my motorcycle out for a short little ride!

So, so glad!    

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