Monday, March 23, 2015


It is March 23 and it snowed 5 inches last night. 
My sister in Saint Louis is sending me photos of her blooming daffodils and we are shuffling through 5 inches of beautiful, fluffy, white snow! 

We did have a few days of 60-degree temperatures a couple of weeks back and melted nearly everything. The kids played in the mud and splashed in the puddles, and now the cold has returned. We're happily well above zero, but still, the snow sure makes it feel like winter. I actually don't mind. I know it is short lived and it is a breathtaking reprieve from the dirty brown mess that is early spring.  

These pictures are actually from just a few weeks ago. I am guessing that within a few days, all the new snow will be gone, but it sure was lovely to wake up to it this morning. I love snow, I really do. It is magical, even here in Wisconsin. 

Gavin thought he'd help us out one morning, by shoveling some of the freshly fallen snow off the driveway while he waited for the school bus. He is a sweet and thoughtful 6 year old and this was the perfect activity to burn off some of his incredible energy before spending the next 40 minutes sitting on the school bus. 

I love the light 
the snow
the snow in the light
and the light in the snow


I love snow
I don't like cold at all
I don't like being cold
I love warm golden sunshine 
on a snowy winter morning 

there is nothing better

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