Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Great Spring Thaw

This is my babygirl. 
I love her spring coat. 
I think I picked it up at a thrift store for a couple of dollars when she was a tiny baby. 
I just pulled it out of a bin the other day and noticed that it said 24 months on the tag. 
She wears size 3T now in most things, 4T in some shirts because she has a long torso. 
I think the jacket fits just fine, thankfully. 
I love it. 

Even though her hat and mittens don't match her coat at all, I love that her hat reminds me of a kerchief on a little Dutch girl, or a pixie hat. I love her sweet and messy little bangs sticking out.

She is Miss Independent. 
"No! I do it myself!"
Her favorite words. 

She is sad about the snow going away. She gets out of the car at the end of the day and says "can I walk in the snow, Mom?" and she traipses out across the yard to find the bit of snow that remains after our stretch of 60-degree days. 

The fun thing about the snow going away, is that it is making so much great mud. Just look at those boots. Yes, they WERE pink. 

On Tuesday night the kids thought it would be fun to walk out into the fields that were plowed last fall. Let me just say... BAD IDEA! 

They thought it was great fun until they both lost both of their shoes and boots and were stuck in mud up to their knees. I had to DIG through the mud to find their boots and shoes and ended up stepping out of my own shoes in the process. 

When we got back to the house, I washed both kids shoes as well as my own in a 3-gallon metal pot in out in the garage before bringing them into the house to finish washing them in the bathroom sink. Cliff dumped out the metal pot of dirty water last night and there was 4  inches of solid mud in the bottom of the pot from our shoes! Yes, springtime sure is fun.

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