Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Ice Cream and Flower Blossoms

Does summer get any better than ice cream cones, bicycle riding, and fragrant flower blossoms? 

Sure, there's swimming pools and lemonade... but kids playing freely outside while savoring the sweet and sticky mess of a chocolate ice cream cone? 


Wild Plum Blossoms

Flowering Almond (or May Rose as my Mom always called it)

Ice Cream on the Front Porch 
(she does wear clothes most of the time, just not all of the time)

Waiting patiently for Gavin to get off the school bus. 

Cliff and I actually spent a morning together without our kids. I know, right? 

After dropping Addi off at daycare, we stopped at a few garage sales on our way to Menard's where our plan was to buy lawn edging and mulch (neither of which we actually bought!)

While winding through some neat neighborhoods in search of garage sales and new sights to see, we came across this little gem... 

Be still my heart! It is my dream camper! Useful? Realistic? Who cares? It's adorable!!

Then we saw these little gems too!

and my all time favorite little gems...

Gavin has been reading to Addi and it is the sweetest thing ever. He gets her all situated and comfy and takes great care of her. They had JUST gotten out of the bathtub and I was still putting bath toys away and draining the tub when I heard him reading. Awwww....

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