Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday's Thoughts

I know my blogging has been sporadic lately, but that is no indication whatsoever of limited activity at our house. Our lives have been so full lately that I can't even begin to cover everything on this here little blog!

So... I'll give you a quick recap of what we've been up to and then I'll try my best to add some pictures and more detail when I can squeeze in the time!

We're building a patio off the west side of our house, we've been doing a ton of weeding in our flower beds, planted some sunflowers, trying to get our vegetable garden ready for planting (I know, we're a bit behind!), we took our motorcycle out for a family ride into town for dinner one night, we've spent a little time up at my family's lake house, Gavin has done his share of digging in the sandbox and any other pile of dirt, gravel, mud or sand he can find, and we're building Gavin a playhouse / tree house. That about sums it up!

Oh, and when we haven't been doing all that, we've been resting as much as possible, because we're growing a baby! I'm 14 weeks pregant with Jennings Baby # 2, who should arrive around the end of November. Of course this is big news, so I will be writing more on the pregnancy soon!

In the meantime, Gavin is keeping us entertained! He is 3, going on 13 I think! He is usually the sweetest little guy ever, but he sure can act like a teenager sometimes! Mostly though, he just amazes us with his intelligence and wit and he makes us laugh with his great sense of humor! Here are just a few things he has said lately that have had us giggling...

Gavin: Which kind of motorcycle is this one?
Me: That's a Heritage Softail.
Gavin: Oh. I'll just call it Bill because I don't wanna say Heritage Softail.

Gavin: Sometimes I just wanna blast a hole in the top of our house with your head.

On our way to Target one morning, Gavin kicked his shoes off in the car. While we were getting out of the car to go into Target, he asked if he could go to target in his stocking feet. I explained that we had to wear shoes in stores and I helped him get his shoes back on. We ran a bunch of errands that morning and several hours after our Target trip, as we were sitting outside on the patio of a little restaurant enjoying lunch in the shade on a beautiful 80 degree day, I said to Gavin, "We've had a pretty good morning, haven't we?"  To which he responded "Yeah, except we had to wear our shoes at Target. That part was not good."

He has also made up a new word, "Buckalo". I've asked him if he means buffalo and he is sure that he doesn't. Sometimes he says things like "You're just a big buckalo" and sometimes he says things like "Mom, you just have a big old buckalo butt." That of course, flatters me to no end. I choose to believe that a buckalo is some kind of petite pretty little thing like a butterfly or a hummingbird.  : )  I can pretend, right?

He lays his head on my tummy and when he hears my stomach gurgle he looks at me with huge eyes and exclaims "I think I can hear the baby crawling around in your tummy!"

Gavin's latest little game is to request that we repeat a particular made-up word that he says before he'll do what we've asked him to do. He says, "I'll go brush my teeth if you say goo-goo. Say goo-goo and then I'll brush my teeth." or "If you say Sho-sho I'll pick up my toys. Say sho-sho and moo-mee and goo-goo and then I'll pick up my toys". At first I didn't mind this so much. I could see that he was finding a way to be in control of something and I was okay with that. After a week or two of that though, I've had enough. When I said one day that I wasn't going to play that game because we were in a hurry and just needed to get him buckled (in his carseat), he said to me "it isn't a game, Mom. It's structions!" (instructions). That made me giggle too. Better to giggle than to get mad about it, right?

and one of my favorites...

Me: You crack me up!
Gavin: You just break me apart too!

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