Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy Thoughts

I take a lot of pictures. Some days I take 100 pictures. I don't always have a plan for them, but somehow it's really important to me to try to capture some of our special moments and even just some of our day to day. I wonder if it is because I think I have a poor memory and I am afraid I'll forget how wonderful my life is right now.

Most of the pictures I take end up sitting on my hard drive and are never shared. I decided today I'd share a few pictures with you. These are pictures of things that make me smile. Things in my life that give me happy thoughts.

Violets that my little guy picked for me... and my kitchen windowsill.
The bird is something I bought for myself after lunch with two of my best friends on the day that I told them I was going to have another baby.
The violets were picked by Gavin along our driveway. The bottle that they're in is an old one that we found when clearing a space on the edge of the woods for Gavin's playhouse.

The planter is one that was my Aunt Bernice's. Bernice is my Mom's oldest sister and one of the kindest, sweetest souls I've ever known. After she passed away, I asked my mom for a couple of things that belonged to her. One of those items was this planter. I love it.  

My little boy who loves to make and eat guacamole. Vegetables are some of his favorite foods! He loves carrots, celery, kohlrabi, avocados, beets, radishes, cucumbers, and the ribs of lettuce!

Sunsets on the farm. This set of buildings is just up the road from us and in the early spring, the sun sets just behind them. The view from our yard is always magnificent.

Our dog Drake, when he is having so much fun playing (with Gavin) that he looks like a puppy again!

The tulips and daffodils that I planted last fall. They were such a bright and happy sight in the early spring when much of the yard and gardens were still dull and gray.  

Finding fun little friends like this turtle who was making her way up from the back pond to lay her eggs in the sunny front yard at my parents' house. 

and this little toad that Gavin found hopping along in the dirt under our screen porch along the foundation of our house

Fresh summer meals of grilled bbq chicken, sweet corn from our own fields, pickled beets, and sweet juicy watermelon. Although we froze our corn and canned our beets last summer, they are sure a welcome taste of summer as we wait patiently for the bounty of this year's garden and crops! 

These things all make me smile! They're my happy thoughts for this week!