Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Land of Nod

Oh, for goodness sake, keep me off of the Land of Nod website.

I love everything about that store. I love the toys, the furniture, the clothing, the games, the imagination! Even though the prices on some of the more artsy items seem a bit steep (holy cow!) to me, I can still barely keep my mouse away from the "add to cart" button.

To this day, I have not yet purchased anything from Land of Nod. I am usually able to convince myself that I can make something similar myself. But, my goodness, their stuff is cute.

Below is the most awesome table ever. It has two drawers on the side, sliding boxes that fit perfectly underneath, a giant roll of paper on the end, and you can buy longer legs (in two sizes) to make the table grow with your childinto a table that fits child-size chairs under it and then to a teenager's desk! It also comes in three colors - white, dark brown, and this honey color.

Low Table:

Adorable!!!! This mobile is the sweetest thing ever and is made by the same company as Gavin's favorite green sock puppy from his Auntie Kristin. The company (and the name of Gavin's sock puppy) is Bla Bla. We thought that was a better name for a puppy than Mini Lemonade, which is the name it came with.

Birdie Mobile:

...and the Christmas decor... ugh!

Love the Stockings...

and this tree skirt is so stinkin' fun and frilly!

...and seriously? Where else can you get a Christmas Tree Skirt with a Silo on it? This makes me think of my house with the silo!

That's all I have to say about that!!


kristinrose24 said...

OMG. I am in love with the mobile... and the tree skirt is perfect for you! I think I picked out some bedding from that website once and decided that crib bedding is a hoax, and you don't need it. Now I'm off to "window" shop!

CarrieRutz said...

We could make all of those items including the table. That is if we didn't have jobs or any other obligations in life. Where would you put the table? In the basement?

Alli said...

We just ordered little rocking chairs for the girls for Christmas! They love my chair at Grandmas, so we thought these would be fun.

I have not ordered from them before, but who wouldn't love "Crate & Barrel for kids!"

Karven Lee said...

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