Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Howl-o-ween!

We picked up this adorable puppy dog costume at a garage sale (in Kansas!) for 10 bucks! It's just a pullover vest with a hood. We happened to already have the long-sleeved brown turtleneck that he's wearing underneath the vest. He immediately liked the costume, but the face opening was a little small, and was elastic so it kept covering his eyes. I poked a hole in the fabric and slipped a small scissors inside the hood and snipped the elastic at one end. Then it was too loose, so I ran a shoe string through instead so we could tie it at just the right tautness. Is that a word? I also snipped the elastic inside the waistband since it was tough to get it on and off with so much tight elastic.

Gavin got a kick out of looking at that puppy in the mirror!

He's winking at himself here! Oh he cracks me up!
This was pre-halloween - just trying on the costume!

 Here are our neighbors, on Halloween night...
Marilyn, Kayla, Cody, Travis, Gavin, Nathan and Collin

Gavin just wasn't up for a mommy-son or should I say puppy-kitty photo shoot. He had better things to do I guess.

 Gavin with his cousins Nathan and Collin

Nathan, Carrie, & Collin

 What a smile!

and now for a little year-by-year comparison...
kinda hard to tell the difference when he's covered head to toe in dog fur!

                                            2009                                                      2010

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