Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It snowed!

A week ago, we were enjoying unusually warm temperatures for November. The daytime highs were in the 60s. It was really quite nice! In fact, I notice a neighbor's tree each morning on my way to work that is still covered in bright orange leaves. Then something happened this weekend... it snowed! Ya know what? That tree is still bright orange! I'm about to pull the car over one of these mornings and hop out to check if that tree is real! I'm not sure what kind of tree it is - maybe a Linden? It's a perfectly shaped tree. It looks like a fat egg or a rounded pear sitting on top of a perfectly straight trunk. It snowed on Friday night, most of Saturday, a little on Sunday morning and again this morning. It hasn't snowed a lot - we have about 4" - 5" at my house, maybe 6" - 7" at my parents' house about 40 miles away. This morning, that perfect tree stood out, almost glowing orange against the white snowy background.

The first snow is magical. I was so glad that it stuck. Often times, the weather and the ground are still too warm when the first snow falls for the snow to stick. It often all melts away by the end of the day. This snow has stuck and it's a heavy, wet, sticky snow. Not so good for shoveling or for driving, but awesome for snowmen, snow ball fights, and snow forts!

The snow fell on the perfect night, in the perfect way. Cliff was out of town, which was too bad since we have a tradition of snowman building, but I had two girlfriends over to keep me company. We'd had an awesome evening hanging out at my house with yummy food, delicious drink, fun games, and great conversation. After Gavin went to bed, we sat in the living room talking, playing games, and eating candy bars. We laughed more than I had laughed in a long time over nothing particularly hilarious. It was just so good to relax and hang out with them. It had been awhile since just the three of us had been together.

It was a cold night and the house was warm and glowing with candle light. They crashed on the couches and I crawled into my warm bed. Sometime in the early morning I woke to the sound of snow hitting my bedroom windows. Soon after, Gavin woke up crying. I tucked him back into his bed and went back to my room to watch the snow. Carrie had also just gotten up and looked at the snow falling. It was so exciting. When Gavin woke up in the morning, I opened his window shades and asked him "what happened outside?" He looked out in wonder. After a minute of silence, staring out into the snow covered world, he slowly grinned and said "build a no-man!" Actually it's pronouced hno-man. He replaces the s with an h when it comes before n. So, snow is hno. He was pretty excited to get out there! He crawled into my bed with Katie and watched the movie The Snowman, one of our favorites, especially for early morning since it is mostly just soothing music, and no words.

We slowly made our way out of our blankets and into the kitchen for coffee, pancakes, fruit, and scrambled eggs with yummy feta cheese, spinach, and green onion. We watched the snow fall while we wrapped our hands around our warm coffee cups. Gavin soaked his pancake in sweet and delicious pure maple syrup and made a perfectly sticky mess. After breakfast, our friends headed home and Gavin and I bundled up to head outside and enjoy that snow!

He couldn't wait to get outside. He put on his hat and rolled around the floor by the door, waiting for me to gather all of our winter gear - snowpants, mittens, coats, boots...

I got him dressed first, since I couldn't imagine trying to dress him while all bundled up myself! Once I got him all dressed, I told him he could go out on the front porch and wait for me. Of course, I kept an eye on him through the windows while I bundled up. When I opened the front door and headed out, this is what I saw...

Obviously, he was too anxious to play in the snow to wait for me! I followed his trail...

Aha! I spotted him! He had walked all the way around the side of the house and was headed for his sandbox.

This picture totally cracks me up! His cheeks look enormous. the snow had been going down his neck, so I pulled his hood up and tied it under his chin. I think that made his cheeks stick out! I don't even think this looks like him, but it is funny.

He may have fallen down once or twice and he may have gotten snow inside his mittens once or twice. There were a few little tears over that.

There was some whining about the falling snow getting in his face an eyes. In the picture on the left he was just whining about the snow blowing in his face and starting to laugh a little because I was teasing him for whining. In the picture on the right, he was trying to keep the snow out of his eyes. He's going to have to get over this little issue or he'll be in the house all winter!

Mostly though, he really enjoyed all of the snow!

He had a whole winter wonderland to explore!


Kristin said...

Aaawww. How cute! No snow here, but it is only 44 today. I can't wait until we have a yard for Amelija to pllay in. I'm glad the 3 of you girls got to spend some much needed time together!

Kristin said...

I hope you feel better soon so you can put up a new post!