Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Catching Up

It's been over a week now since I last posted anything on the blog. So, my excuse? ...I don't know.

Right at this moment, I'm wishing you could hear what's coming through the monitor from Gavin's room. It's 9:30 - he's been in bed for over an hour. He's now saying "I get down. I play tractors. Mommy Daddy kiss me. Come in kiss me Mommy. Giraffes kissing. Momma baking cookies. I eat a cookie. Rock in Rocking chair. I play tractors."

Oh my goodness, he is funny to listen to.

So... I've been terrible about sharing what we've been up to lately. It seems like when we get Gavin to bed, I go to my room to blog and I end up going to sleep instead, or sometimes watching TV, or even getting my laptop out, turning it on, pulling up the blog and my pictures, and just staring at it until I can barely keep my eyes open. It takes every ounce of energy I have left just to shove my laptop under the bed and roll over so I can fall asleep. I sometimes end up leaving the lights on and sometimes the TV. By the way, Gavin no longer calls it a Wee-wee, or even a Wee-Vwee, it's now a TV. Pretty grown up, huh!

Speaking of grown up, Gavin had his two-year check up at the Doctor today and he is right on track. He's in the 80th percentile for his height, weight, and head circumference. She said his development is right on track too, no worries. He's talking up a storm, he is constantly saying new words and using new sentences and he usually lets us know when he's going potty or poop, even though he is currently refusing to go on the potty chair at home, but uses the one at daycare all day every day, often keeping his diaper clean and dry all day. Doctor says he's right on track and maybe even a little ahead on the potty training for a boy. I know that all kids develop at different rates and the "normal" range is huge, but it is always so good to hear that he is normal and that he's doing well.

Although he speaks very well and pretty clearly, there are a few words that he says incorrectly that still totally crack me up. When he sits on the potty chair, he likes to have a "massamean" to read while he sits there.

Oh, and tonight, we mixed up our flour, eggs, ginger, cinnamon, brown sugar, etc. to make "dinnaban" cookies. He was trying to say Gingerbread Man. As soon as we started cutting them out, he ran to his room to get his gingerbread man book and came running out of his room with it shouting "can't catch me, I'm a dinnaban"

A few other things that he says intentionally that make me giggle every time they come out of his mouth are...

Cliff: "What's Daddy's name?"
Gavin: "Cwiff"
Cliff: "What's Mommy's name?"
Gavin: "Cwiff Mommy!"

Gavin: "Daddy have a nice twuck"
Erin: "He sure does. You know, you could tell Me I have a nice car too"
Gavin: "Oh! Nice car Mommy"
Erin: "Thank you. Nice hat Gavin"
Gavin: "Wake-oo" (thank you)
Erin: "You're welcome, babe"
Gavin: "No babe here, just me Gavin"

...and then there was this. This one was my favorite... I was standing in the bathroom in my underwear, brushing my teeth. Gavin put his hand on my butt, just at the bottom of my underwear line, where my butt and the back of my thigh meet. He pats my butt and says... "Nice butt Mommy"
Erin: "Thank you Gavin"
Gavin: "I wike Mommy's butt. It's nice"

I realize that could be perceived by some as something very wrong, but it was the nicest compliment meant in the most innocent and genuine way. I told Cliff he could take some pointers from his son!

And now for some photos...

One day when Gavin was sitting in his little chair in his room, I started piling his stuffed animals on him. It turned into a favorite game and now he sits in the chair and says "cover me up Mom" and I start piling the stuffed animals on him. He gets too excited now to wait until he's all covered and he pops up when he's only about half-covered. He thinks we can't see him! He likes to cover Cliff and me up too.

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