Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Sky

Apparently, "...because I have nothing to say" isn't an acceptable excuse for not blogging. Someone recently reminded me that it had been more than a few days since I last blogged. I said, "well I haven't taken any pictures".

Their response was that I didn't need to have pictures in every post, I can just say what's been going on. So I told her that I didn't really have much to share. Do you know what she said? She said, "So what! Write anyway."

So... here goes...

I've actually had several "moments" in the last week or so that I have wanted to share with you, my readers... all four of you.  : )  Sometimes it's a feeling I have, usually a feeling of bliss, or a revelation I've had when I actually had a moment of peace and quiet to think to myself, sometimes it's something funny that Gavin said, sometimes it's a beautiful sunrise or a glowing sky.

We have had the most magnificent sunrises the last several days. I've been leaving for work earlier since Cliff started his new job and can now take Gavin to daycare in the morning. So, it's been totally dark or mostly dark with the sky just beginning to lighten when I walk out the door. It's the time of day though where you know that the little pocket camera that you carry in your purse won't be able to capture the beauty of the sky because it's still too dark, but your eyes can appreciate it. So, sorry - no pictures. I don't normally like getting up early in the morning, but I've been waking up early on my own, before my alarm goes off. So it's nice to get up, get showered, and even take time for a bowl of cereal or cup of coffee before leaving home. It's kind of peaceful to be the only one up in the house... sneaking around in the dark house, being as quiet as a mouse - okay kind of a loud mouse..., making coffee, turning on the front porch lights.

This morning the sky was, again, just beautiful. It looked like God was decorating for a baby shower or for Easter, hanging pink and blue streamers across the sky ceiling. The world was dark, but the sky was striped with soft, billowy lines of aqua blue and dusty pink. It made me want to park my butt in the grass and just savor it.

I did snap this photo of the sunset in my side-view mirror the other night on the way home from work. This was before the daylight savings time change, when there was still some light on my way home. This week it's completely dark by 5:00. This photo is completely unedited. Just look at the color!  

Of course, we're in the middle of a very abnormally warm streak for Wisconsin in November. Yesterday, the high temperature was 69 degrees. We haven't had snow here since last February. That is almost unheard of. It's supposed to cool off starting tonight though and we're expecting some rain/snow mix over the next couple of days.

(to be continued)

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Anonymous said...

Awesome picture- I love looking at the colors in the sky - thanks for sharing. :)
~ Heather