Saturday, August 21, 2010

This Face

This guy totally cracks me up. His face is like the face of an angel. A silly, giddy, goofy, witty, intelligent, wise, loving, playful, funny, smart, and kissable angel.
He makes me smile.
He makes me laugh.
He amazes me.
Inspires me.
Melts my heart.
Makes me cry.
Gives me hope.
Brings me happiness.

This silly little peanut is the greatest blessing I've ever received.

Last night he was having a hard time going to sleep. He was calling for Mommy and sobbing his sweet little heart out. It was an all out runny nose, stuffed up, tear stained face, cry for Mommy. On my third trip into his room to cover up his toes and tell him good night... again, I decided to just stay for a few minutes. I knelt down on the floor next to his crib and put my arm through the crib rails to rub his back and touch his soft little head. He took my hand and put it down on the crib mattress and then laid his cheek on top of it and closed his eyes. When I whispered to him, "You're a sweet baby", he opened his eyes ever so slowly just a little and whispered back, "No. (pause) Wucky. Boy". Sometimes we tell him he's a lucky boy and he repeats us "wucky. boy." with his signature pause between words. I guess I was wrong when I said he was a sweet baby. He wanted me to know that he was a lucky boy.

I whispered back, "You're right Gavin, you're a lucky boy and I'm a lucky Momma"

He smiled the sweetest angel smile and whispered...

Wucky. Momma. A Wucky. Boy. Wucky Momma. Wucky Daddy. Wucky Boy.

What a lucky Momma I am.

A few of my favorite recent silly pictures of our lucky boy...



Anonymous said...

oh so cute!!!!

kristinrose24 said...

That is so cute. I probably would've had tears in my eyes if I were you. Can't wait to see him again:)