Friday, August 20, 2010

Fall might be knocking, but August is stil here

A few pictures from our yard last weekend...

Black-Eyed Susans always make me smile. I love that I have a big patch of them on the end of the shed, in perfect view from the house.

Blackberry Lily is one of the neatest little flowers. They make me smile too.

My gardens are the farthest thing from the Better Homes & Gardens variety, but I still like to take pictures of them once in a while, even if just to remember what blooms when or what is planted where in the winter or early spring before everything is up. It's so fun to look at pictures like this in January, when there is nothing green in sight. Here's to a little greenery!

The Mallow plant isn't all that attractive, but I love it's stripey flowers! Oh, and it comes up everywhere! Especially in my dry and sandy spot where nothing else will grow. Love that!

Gavin's favorite new sweet summer treat! Garden fresh tomatoes! ...and these babies are literally right outside the kitchen door instead of down in our poor excuse for a garden. They're going like hotcakes, though! Gavin will just pick one and chow it down like an apple!

Last night's pickins (on my new oilcloth remnant - turned - outdoor tablecloth) on the front porch table.

Isn't August wonderful?

Not to mention it's my birthday month! Happy Birthday me! I think I'll have a tomato!

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Mom said...

Keep posting! I so enjoy reading your comments and updates, and especially your appreciation for every day and season.
Lots of Love