Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just Kidding

Remember that post about Gavin sleeping 8 hours just in time for Mommy to go back to work? Well, well, well... Monday was the big day back at work, so on Sunday, we got everything prepared.
- we did all of the laundry so that we all had clean clothes for the big day
- we put clean sheets on the beds
- we vacuumed the house and washed all of the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen
- we cooked and filled the fridge with fabulous leftovers to take us through the week
- we packed lunch for Monday
- we pumped breastmilk so Gavin would have something to eat while Mom was at work
- we set the coffee maker to brew at 5am so we'd be able to start out bright eyed and bushy tailed (okay, so I'll skip the bushy tail!)
- we all took baths so we were ultra clean and fresh!
- and we all went to bed early!
and Gavin did NOT go to sleep. Gavin apparently wasn't tired. Our little 8-hours-of-sleep angel was wide awake Sunday night. Cliff and I crawled into bed, turned out the light, lit our night-lite candle, and closed our eyes. But Gavin sure didn't close his eyes. Nope. And neither did Drake, who never barks, not so much as a little tiny woof! Nope. Sunday night after we crawled into bed, Drake barked one brief woof. So, Cliff got up and let him outside... but he didn't even leave the front porch. Cliff let him back in and came back to bed. Gavin was still wide awake, just looking around and breathing in his loud, panicky, rapid breath that usually tells us he's awake. Then, Drake barked once again. One quick woof. Cliff again got up and let him out. Let's just say that an hour later, after several trips to and from the door to check on what on EARTH Drake was barking at outside, Cliff was about to yell out the front door that if he had to get out of bed one more time, whoever or whatever was out in the yard was going to get up close and personal with a his .45 pistol. You see, Drake doesn't bark. So, if Drake was barking, he either really needed to go to the bathroom or he was concerned about something and was giving us a warning that something was amiss.

So, throughout all of this monkey business with the dog, Gavin lay in his bed, looking around the room quietly. But after an hour of that, he was bored. Awake and bored. He began talking. A little "wah" here and there. Just reminding us that he was awake. Before long, that little "wah" turned into wimpering. I got him out of bed to feed him and after he fell asleep, I laid him back in his bed. Just a few minutes later, he was fussy again. Cliff got up and held him, changed him, and he fell asleep again. A few minutes after putting him in bed, he was up again, this time screaming. He just did NOT want to go to bed. He finally went to sleep for once and for all at 2:30 in the morning. Thank God for the wonderful husband who took care of the screaming babe until 2:30 am so the Mama could try to get some sleep. 2.5 hours of sleep to be exact, because as we know, Monday was back-to-work day and the alarm went off at 5:00am! Oh sweet baby, where did the 8 hours of sleep go? Luckily, Monday night he slept for 7 hours straight, so maybe Sunday night was just a fluke.

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TheCynicalOptimist said...

oh I'm sorry I know how discouaging that can be!!