Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Daddy's Boy

Cliff couldn't wait to get Gavin into camouflage clothing and Jeremy helped out by giving Gavin a whole collection of camo - everything from tiny onesies to a fleece vest and hat. If Gavin had been a girl (Ella) rather than a boy, I'm sure she'd be wearing a little camo skirt by now! She too would be in firearms safety training by 5 years old (or sooner!). But, as it is, Cliff got a boy, which makes finding camouflage clothing a bit easier. Gavin wore his ultra cool camo onesie with his hip cargo jeans on Sunday and Cliff just had to take a picture. And apparently if your less-than-two-month-old baby is wearing camo, he also needs to be sporting firearms and have a hunting dog at his side. So, here's Gavin, decked out in camo, with a shotgun within arms reach, and Drake by his side. Ugh! What have I gotten myself into?!?!


TheCynicalOptimist said...

Wow, too cute!!!!

Yes, the square dancing must be in the genes. I'm going to do it someday, I really am! :)

Alli said...

This is so funny! I would be thinking the same thing - what have I gotten myself into!