Monday, November 10, 2008

Waiting for Baby

Still here, still going about our business, still waiting for baby. We have 4 days until our due date. Just 4 days. I'm beginning to think this baby is just as happy as a clam, all safe and warm and cozy in my womb, and possibly has no intention of ever leaving its warm, relaxing, bathtub-like environment. If he or she takes after me at all, it won't want to come out. I can spend 3 hours in a warm bathtub in the winter, with a good book and a glass of wine or cup of coffee. Okay, so I know the baby isn't sipping wine or warming up with coffee in my womb, but she or he is probably pretty content in there anyway.

I thought I sensed some signs of early labor Friday night when I started feeling really sick to my stomach and had a persistent back-ache, but it must have just been a plain old stomach bug, because by Saturday morning, I was feeling fine again! I was just sure we'd be heading to the hospital Saturday... and here I am, about to start another day of work... another week perhaps. Will I be here next Monday too? I wonder.

Our friend Steph's sister had her baby Saturday morning! I think their due date was today. How exciting! I can't wait to see pictures of him!

Soon enough, we'll be posting pictures of our little bundle! Maybe this week? Maybe not.

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