Friday, November 7, 2008

39 Week Dr. Appt

Wow, just one week to go! Here is what the baby bump looks like now - actually this picture is earlier this week, at about 38 1/2 weeks. It's less of a bump and more of a bulge now, I guess. Most people tell me it's still so small, they can't believe we're 39 weeks along, and I realize it could be a lot bigger, but I sure have no complaints and I can guarantee there's a good sized baby in there! It reminds me all day long with little nudges and pokes as well as some big stretches and what feels like somersaults!
We had our doctor appt this morning and have good news. We're dilated to 1 cm, so things are progressing! We will likely deliver in the next week, and if not, Rita will let us go up to a week past our due date, but not longer than that. So, she said we'll talk about the "what ifs" next week if we haven't had the baby yet. Baby's heartrate still sounds great and fluctuates when baby moves around, which is a sign of a healthy baby. My blood pressure is good and I've gained another 3.5 lbs. This is up a total of 22 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight, but its up a total of 30 lbs from my lowest weight during pregnancy. I guess its time to lay off the sweets!
We're getting really excited and very anxious!! Baby will be here any day now!!


Kristin said...

YEAH BABY! Hopefully it keeps going like it's supposed to. Do yu have your bags packed, car seat in the car, phone list/tree ready, hospital outfit picked out, camera battery charged, and my # on speed dial? :)

Erin J said...

Yes to all of the above! Bags are packed, car sear is in the car, baby clothes and bedding are washed and we have two baby outfits packed for the hospital, as well as a few blankets, snowsuit, and pacifier... the camera batteries are all charged and the tripod is in the car already for videotaping our first meeting with baby (nothing before that) and I have the phone list ready. Of course, your numver is on speed dial!!!!

rutzie said...

Okay, I think the baby will be born next Saturday. I know the knuckleheads at my work were guessing tonight or tomorrow but my guess is next Saturday.

rutzie said...

By the way. I'm terrible at predictions!