Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pink & Blue

Girl or Boy, Boy or Girl... You may have noticed that almost everything we have for the baby is yellow or green and I love green and yellow. The baby's room was painted green before the baby was even a twinkle in our eyes! Our living room and hallway are green and our kitchen and dining room are yellow. I love yellow and green. I love green froggies, and yellow duckies, and yellow and green caterpillars, and green and yellow turtles. Green and yellow make me feel fresh and cheerful.

But when I think of babies, I often think in pink and blue. As much as I love all of our yellow and green, I was having a bit of pink and blue envy. It almost made me want to know if our baby is a boy or a girl... but then I remembered how much I didn't want to know yet. Then I started thinking about that first hospital photo and how you so often can't tell if a baby in that photo is a girl or a boy! So, I started thinking that I need something pink and something blue... something warm and comfy, that fits perfectly, is soft and snuggly, and is perfect for baby's first photos! So, I stopped and did a bit of shopping. I bought a set of 3 girl onesies with pink pants and a set of 3 boy onesies with brown pants... but, they're short sleeved and what if the baby is cold? So, I bought a warm and soft blue striped boy sleeper and a warm and soft pink polka-dot girl sleeper.

I still wasn't sure that I had just the right thing. I told my sister Kristin about this little shopping trip and how I wasn't completely satisfied with what I found and I explained to her how I thought I needed something girl and something boy, something soft and snuggly, that fits perfectly, and is warm and comfy. A few days later, Baby Jennings got a package in the mail from Auntie Kristin. In that package was something warm and comfy, soft and snuggly, itty bitty, and pink and blue... and something green and polka-dotted with soft little puppy dog ears and a sweet little puppy dog tail. Oh my, this baby is going to be so soft and snuggly... not to mention, well dressed!

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loracekim said...

Hi Erin! I also stressed out about what baby should wear for those first pictures and ended up buying several options both times! You might also want to get one of those headband thingies with a satin pink bow in case it's a girl - then there's no mistaking it! He or she will be beautiful no matter what!!