Friday, October 31, 2008

38 Week Dr. Appt

We had our 38 week Doctor appointment this morning, and things are still going fine, but not too much of a change yet. We could go any day now or it could still be a few weeks - there is just no sure way to know. I gained 1-1/2 lbs in the last week, baby's heart rate is still good and he/she is still moving around quite a bit. My blood pressure is good, and I am still not retaining too much water. My cervix is 50% effaced, which means it's 50% shorter than it was) but is dilated less than a centimeter. The effacement, or thinning, is a good sign that things are changing. It's also tipped forward slightly, which is also good.

Since we're nearing the due date, she is taking me off the baby aspirin that I've been taking daily. I had two questions for her today. One was regarding some infrequent "flutters" that I've felt in my chest area and head. They're really hard to describe, but the best I can manage is that it feels a bit like my heart is racing and a bit like I'm lightheaded and in general feels like a flutter, but I can't even pinpoint a location of my head or my chest. It only lasts a few seconds and tends to happen when I am sitting still or doing nothing. I wondered if it could be low blood pressure or something, but she said that it is a symptom of a spike in my Progesterone levels and that it's very normal. She was actually surprised that I hadn't felt it before now. It's only been happening for a couple of weeks.

The other question I had was regarding a prescription for an electric breast pump. A coworker mentioned to Cliff that their doctor had written them a prescription for a pump and that their insurance covered it. Since we have the same insurance they have, we asked Rita about it. She said that some insurance plans cover it and some don't, so we would have to call and see if ours did, but she did write it out for us.

I called Medica today and asked about it and once we've met our deductible for the year (which we will once we deliver), the pump would be covered at 90%, provided we get it directly from the hospital. If we get it from another Durable Medical Equipment supplier, such as a Snyder's pharmacy, then it is covered at 80% once we've reached our deductible. They did point out that the claim likely wouldn't be paid if we sent it in before the delivery of the baby. So, I think we'll plan on getting it at the hospital while we're there. Good to know, since it could possibly save us $250 or more.

Another week down and only two (hopefully) weeks to go! 'Til then, keep on praying that all goes well and we have a relatively easy delivery and most importantly a healthy baby!

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Kristin said...

That's great that your insurance covers a pump. I was actually just having a conversation with one of the new mom's at my work about how expensive they are. She suggested waiting to buy one until you know if your baby is able to handle the breastmilk and if you're able to pump. I would like to see pics of all the quilts/blankets people have made... if you get time. Thanks:)