Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pop! Goes the Belly

There is suddenly no denying it. Just in the last week, several people have commented on my suddenly very visible belly. Although we still have three months to go, and I have no doubt, my belly will continue to grow, it is already beginning to feel a bit like I have something attached to the front of me that doesn't seem completely natural and tends to throw my balance off a little. I spent much of this weekend gardening and can no longer sit on the ground for this work because I'm not able to bend that far forward. My handy-dandy gardening cart works well to sit on while weeding and harvesting! Cliff spent most of Saturday finishing up the limestome retaining wall (pictured) on the West side of the house where we will eventually put a small deck. I pulled out grass and weeds from along the side of the house so that we could mulch and prepare to put a flower bed there. The wildflower garden on the end of the shed is flourishing as you can see by the 8' tall sunflowers in the background of this picture and the birds love hanging out there! We also hung another hummingbird feeder on the outside of the screen porch on Saturday and it's in the perfect spot to view from either inside the screen porch or from the living room couch! The hummingbirds had already discovered it by Sunday evening. I think our baby will have a lot to look at outside next spring and I hope that all of the work we've done in the yard brings all the birds and butterflies back next year!

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