Friday, August 8, 2008

26 Weeks - Third Trimester

Today marks the end of the second trimester, which means we are 2/3 of the way there! Only 98 days to go before our due date. I've been doing a lot of wondering lately...

I wonder if our baby will arrive before, after, or around the due date?

I wonder if I will miss being pregnant after the baby is born?

I wonder how I will be able to go back to work after having six weeks off work with our new baby?

I wonder if this baby is a boy or a girl, what his or her personality will be like, how much we can effect personality and how much of it is already in the making...

I have a lot of questions that no one can answer for me right now. On the good side, most of my questions that do have answers are getting answered.

The baby is growing quickly now - measuring over 9" long and weighing almost 2 pounds. It seems funny that the baby is only going to double in length (or a little more), but is going to at least triple in weight. Now is when the baby begins to grow layers of fat - when the transition begins from thin, wrinkly skin over a monkey-like skeleton to soft, full, rounded baby cheeks, and buns.

The baby is very active these days and tumbles around much of the day. It seems to be most active in the mid-morning from about 9am - 11am and again at that same time in the evening about 9pm - 11pm. Although, it is more and more active now in the afternoons. My nephew Nathan got to see the baby moving this week and the baby even responded to some gentle nudges from my sister Carrie. Every once in a while I can tell where the head is and where the toes are, but most of the time, I'm unsure if it's hands or feet that are pushing on me or if it's a complete somersault.

I have a lot of options for maternity clothes now and have gotten several compliments from coworkers on the cute outfits that have been passed on to me or given to me as gifts. I've realized I should just pack up all of my summer stuff that I can't wear now since I won't get to wear it until next summer anyway. That would give me some more room in my closet for all of the maternity clothes!

I am anxious to meet our little one and can barely wait another three months! Thank you all for your well wishes and for being part of our lives!

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