Tuesday, August 19, 2008

87 Days To Go!

87 Days sure seems like a long time! We are all doing well and looking forward to finally seeing our little cuddlebug in about three more months. Three long, anxious, slow months. I think Cliff is happy to know the baby is safe and sound in my womb and isn't yet racking up diaper bills, daycare expenses, and keeping us up at night. Me... I can't wait for this little bugger to come out and say hello to the world. I know, I know... stay in there for another 86 days, little one. It's better that way. It's sort of like having a birthday present all wrapped up and sitting on your nightstand for nine months, but you can't open it. You see it every morning when you wake up, you think about it all day, and you look at it again in it's beautiful wrapping paper each night before you go to bed. You wonder what's inside... Is it pink or blue? Is it small or big? Does it have all of it's parts? Oh, how I want to peek at it. Three more months... 87 more days...

Baby moves a lot, mostly when I am sitting still. When I am busy on my feet all weekend, it barely even hiccups, but when I'm sitting quietly at my desk at work, I get poked and prodded quite a bit. I think it also reacts when I eat really cold foods like ice cream. As soon as I started enjoying my root beer float the other day, the baby started tumbling around in there. And again, when I had a key lime bar with home made vanilla ice cream. Either this one really likes ice cream or it can feel the cold sensation of the food in my belly! I think it's the temperature, since the reaction is too quick to be the sugar.

Cliff and I have frozen our garden-fresh green beans and corn, and have pickled beets and green beans. We still plan to freeze carrots and squash when they're ready, and next spring and summer before next year's garden is ready for harvest, we will have home-grown frozen veggies to puree for baby food. (and maybe, just maybe, we'll give the baby some ice cream too).

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