Monday, January 21, 2013

Snow Much Fun

I love snow!!
We have had snow from long before Christmas until just last weekend and we're barely into winter here in Wisconsin. Those little three-pronged dark things under Gavin's feet are the TOPS of some of the plants in my flower bed.  That gives you an idea of how much snow we had. We had about 14" of snow when I took the photos in this post. As of right now, almost two weeks later, we have more frozen brown grass than we have snow. Just a few icy patches of snow left.

One afternoon when we still had all of that snow, Addison took a nice long nap, allowing the three of us to get outside and really enjoy ourselves! I put the video baby monitor in my coat pocket and relaxed, knowing that I would hear her if she made a sound and could peek in on her virtually at any time. It was wonderfully liberating and the fresh air was just what I needed!

Gavin made the most of the little retaining wall off the patio and used it for a slide! Snowpants have just the right amount of "slippery" to go sledding without a sled. It was great! Never mind that it was only about a 2 1/2 foot drop.

Gavin took this photo of Cliff and me. He loves to take pictures and is so great at it for a boy who just turned four! He got his own camera for Christmas, but we never remember to grab it when we're headed out. I nearly always have mine - it's almost like a third arm... with an eyeball.  

I love that he enjoys photography! A boy after my own heart!

Gosh, do I ever love these boys!

 The snow and the cold do not stop Gavin from playing outside. He couldn't care less if it was 10 degrees or 80 degrees - he plays the same either way. If he can't push dirt, sand, or gravel with his bulldozers, diggers, and backhoes, then he pushes snow with them! A cement mixer mixes snow just as well as it mixes sand. These toys get used year round and I love it!

Grandpa Jennings pushed a load of snow into a big pile in our front yard for Gavin to sled down. Cliff pulls him up and over the hill and Gavin loves it! When you don't have a good sledding hill, you need to make the best of what you do have... and what we have is a tractor with a loader that can make a nice little pile of snow for climbing and sledding.

Happy snow play!

Already really missing the snow and hoping we get more soon!!!


gayle t. said...
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gayle t. said...

Awww! That looks like so much fun! :) And, hooray for multi-purpose toys!!

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