Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hooway! (as Gavin said)

I'm not really a sports fan. I like playing sports, I even enjoy going to games occasionally, but watching sports on TV just doesn't really do anything for me. I like the idea of it, I like the game food, the comraderie, the cheering, the dressing up like football players and acting silly. I like all of that, but actually sitting on the couch and just watching TV? I can't really do it. I have to also be doing something else - anything... working on the computer, eating, reading, or even cooking. I very, very rarely only do one thing at a time, including watching TV. But, I did watch the Packers smear the Steelers tonight. We do live in Wisconsin, after all. We ate tailgating food, we sat around the TV, and some of us yelled and cheered. I stayed pretty quiet - I'm not really a yeller. Gavin played play-doh, played tractors, and played with Grandma. He watched the Game and proudly sported his Aaron Rodgers jersey. When everyone else cheered and hollered, Gavin said "Hooway!"

It's now 11:00 and I'm sitting here in the dark in the living room watching the news and uploading some pictures. I can't tell you what happened to the two hours since the game ended... honestly. I haven't gotten up off the couch and it's suddenly two hours later!  

Okay... I had more to say, but I'm getting too tired! Better get off to bed! 

Happy Superbowl!!!    


Kristin said...

Funny! I'm not a Packers fan but, given the option of the two teams playing, I would have to say I was saying "Hooway!" when the Packers won too. How cute! Did you get a new coffee table?

Erin J said...

It's the piano bench. We just moved it there for a place to set our plates since we ate dinner in the living room. We would normally just use the old trunk, but the TV is currently sitting on it! Hooway Packos!

Kat said...

Grrrr Stupid Packers! As cute as G-man is in his jersey I just can't cheer for that gold and green nemesis of the Vikings. (Yup I know the queens suck.)
Poor Steelers. :-(

Anonymous said...

Really blogging during the Packers game... and the Superbowl, you could have at least watched the commercials.... CJ