Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We're still working on getting our Christmas cards out. I know - lame. But, seriously, there are so many projects to get done, the Christmas cards took a back seat to the sewing, baking, designing, cooking, and mortaring projects on the to-do list. So, if you didn't get a card from us, I am sorry. We meant to send one. You may still get one as I dropped a few more in the mail this morning, but I ran out of stamps, so there are a few that still might or might not make it out!

I know that Christmas day has passed, but if you're like me, the spirit of the season is still lingering in my mind and my heart. I'm still humming Christmas hymns and still staring in wonder at our Christmas tree. If you don't mind this late greeting, here it is...

Our Christmas Letter:

Merry Christmas Family & Friends!

How quickly a year goes by! This time last year, Gavin was just starting to think about taking his first steps and now we can barely keep up with him. He turned two in November and is a happy and healthy boy with a witty sense of humor. We enjoy his fun personality so much (most of the time, but admit that occasionally we miss the days when he couldn’t talk!) He is a sweet boy with a warm heart and he always seems to be able to make us laugh!

Although we spent our fair share of days this year playing in the sandbox, playing with toy tractors, and reading more children’s books than we can count, we did also manage to tackle a few little projects here and there. Our biggest project of the year was repairing and painting our old shed, thanks to the generous help of some friends and family. The freshly painted shed will hopefully be a great backdrop this spring for some tulips we just barely got into the ground before the snow came! I’ve been meaning to plant spring-blooming bulbs for years and finally got to it this year. That’s about the extent of my gardening this year. The vegetable garden was a total flop, which was a bit of a disappointment for me since I always enjoy it so much. We just didn’t find the time to get it all planted this year and only ended up with tomatoes, peppers, and broccoli. Next year, I’m hoping for the vegetable garden’s return!

While my gardening hobby seemed to take a little hiatus this year, Cliff found a new hobby that he is really enjoying. He’s making custom goose calls on the lathe and they’re both beautiful and functional (if you’re a goose-hunter)! Way to create form and function! Cliff even squeezed in some waterfowl hunting this year between helping his parents on the farm, working, and keeping things running at home! Somehow, I too managed to get away for some fun weekends with my girlfriends and my sisters. It was a good year.

We are both still working for Allina Hospitals & Clinics, although Cliff recently transferred to a job at the River Falls Hospital, a much shorter commute than the one to Minneapolis! (Yes, I’m a bit jealous!).

Overall we are doing well, and we pray that you are too. We are blessed to be surrounded with wonderful friends and loving, supportive family.

We send you love and blessings this Christmas and all year long!

From our home to yours,
Erin, Cliff, & Gavin Jennings

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