Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gavin's First Trip to Beaver Valley

Last weekend we went to the annual Beaver Valley Steak Fry. This year, it was actually a pig roast, but it's still the steak fry in my mind. This was Gavin's first trip to Beaver Valley. He wasn't sure what to think of the bumpy stroller ride down the old logging trail to the cabin! It's at least a 1/2 mile of rugged down-hill terrain. He loves being outside, so that wasn't an issue, it was just a bit rocky on the way down! Good thing we took the logging trail instead of the more steep, winding deer trail. I don't think I would have been able to hold on to the stroller on that trail!

Gavin loved his first 'steak fry' and enjoyed visiting with Grandma and Granpa, his cousins, and his aunts & uncles. He ate his first apple there, without it being cut up into cubes like he usually gets apple. He just reached for an apple and took a bite. We didn't let him eat the whole thing, but he sure couldn't get enough of it!

He played on the wet ground, looked at the trout ponds and ran his hands under the cold spring water running out from the hillside.

It's so amazing to think back to this time Last Year, when we were one month from Gavin's due date. We posted an entry on the blog about the steak fry and noted that in one year, we would be back with an 11 month old baby. And today, here we are. We never imagined how wonderful our little Gavin would be. We didn't know yet that he would be a boy - a fun, sweet, loving, snuggly, intelligent, delicious, blonde haired, blue eyed little boy. Here he is. Isn't he incredible?

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Kristinrose24 said...

He is! I'm glad you got a good one:) Sounds like it was a fun day.