Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One Month Away!

Today is October 14th. Our baby's due date is November 14th - just one month from today!! My belly continues to grow and there are a couple of pairs of maternity pants that don't quite cover it anymore! So, when you see me, I will be wearing one of three pairs of pants that still fit. Luckily, what still fits is one pair of brown pants, one pair of black pants, and one pair of jeans, so I have some variety. Last Sunday, we went to the annual Beaver Valley Steak Fry and what a beautiful day it was. The one-mile hike down the old logging trail to the cabin was absolutely gorgeous as the leaves were just turning. The steaks, german potato salad, and crisp apples were delicious and the exercise was great! I will admit that I got a ride back up the hill, which may have been the first time ever that I walked down to the cabin site, but not back up again. Unless, of course, you count the year that I fractured my ankle sledding down the logging trail and Dad had to pull me back up on a sled, but I hadn't even made it 1/10 of the way down the trail, so that probably doesn't count! As you can see below, we were sure to take our photo on our tree again this year. It looks a bit different than it did when we first took our photo there 14 years ago when we had just been dating for about five months. Our "tree" is now a barely recognizable mound of wet and rotten wood, buried beneath the swamp grass. Even seven years ago, this picture looked a lot different - when Cliff climbed up the tree to propose to me! The tree (trunk) was leaning up against this tree (left of us) then and we had to climb up it a bit to have our picture taken. As the landscape changes, so do our lives. When we take our picture here next year, the crumbling wood of the old tree trunk may be completely gone, but the picture will then have an 11-month old baby in it! How much things change in just one year!!!

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