Monday, September 28, 2009

Talent (and cuteness)

We're lucky to know and love a lot of very talented people. It's merely coincidence that some of our wonderful friends are also skilled craftsmen: builders, landscapers, electricians, artists, knitters, crochet-ers, sew-ers, card-makers, wood-flooring experts, chefs, doctors, sculptors, etc. We are surrounded by the most talented, skilled, creative people. We constantly wonder what talent, what skill, we have to share with them. What can we do for them that they can't do for themselves? What can we give to them that they will appreciate the way that we appreciate what they have given and done for us?

This last weekend, I tried to learn to knit. When I was a young girl, my uncle taught me how to crochet a granny square. I crocheted granny squares that became doll blankets, long barbie-doll skirts, hankerchiefs, and pillow covers. My aunt then taught me how to crochet a zig-zag edge afghan. That was a big project for me and I never got very far, but I did learn how to do it. I've since then forgotten. Although I think I can still crochet a basic, straight-edge square or rectangle. My Mom has tried to teach me to knit several times. I have a knitting bag with two sets of knitting needles, two skeins of yarn, and two 'learn to knit' books in it, but it only comes out once a year or so. I have a hard time with knitting - crocheting seems to come easier for me. I think knitting is so hard because it takes both hands. I always had the same trouble with playing the piano. I could play with my right hand or my left hand, but always had trouble playing with both together. I just have a hard time using both hands together. Someone told me recently, 'It helps to get your tongue involved'. I tried it... I still couldn't knit. I'm just no good at knitting. I'll admit I haven't given it a fair shot. I give up too easily. If only I could knit.

I have a friend who knits beautiful things. Beautiful little baby girl clothes. Beautiful sweaters and hats and washcloths.

She recently knit a boy hat. Yes, a hat for a little boy.

This little hat.

Look at this little hat on this little boy.

Is it not the most adorable thing you've ever seen?


Kristinrose24 said...

Total cuteness. He looks like one of Santa's elves!

Anonymous said...

ah.... So super cute! ~Heather

Donna Boucher said...

I adore that hat!!!