Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Today is a day that I wish Gavin knew how to walk. I wish he knew how to walk so that he could put on rain boots and walk and run and jump and splash in the rain puddles. I think we're on our tenth day of rain here. It's definitely been raining for the last week with a short break on Sunday. It did sprinke a few times on Sunday, but we had a nice (cold) break from the rain for most of the day. Today is Tuesday and Gavin is tired of being in the house. He's been out for walks in the stroller and wagon and he even got to crawl around on the wet ground on Sunday, but he really wants to play outside. I really want him to play outside. This is nice rain. It's soft, slow, and not too cold.

We really could have used this rain a month ago. We really needed it. Now that it's been raining for so long though, and so late in the season, I started feeling annoyed by the rain. I started wishing it would just stop raining and the sun would come out. I could use the sun. I know, though, that the rain is important. Even though it's so late, it will still help the plants and trees get ready for next year. It will soak the ground and save up the moisture through the winter. I needed something to make me feel good about the rain.

I found these pictures online and they made me smile. I wish Gavin could splash in the rain! Maybe next spring!

I also found these kids' poems about rain and they made me smile...

...and then I said a little prayer of thanks for the rain... all ten days of it. But if it is sunny tomorrow, I will say a prayer of thanks for the sun - because I could sure use some sunshine!
Go out and dance in the rain! (and then pray for sun!)

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