Thursday, September 17, 2009

Should we tell him?

Uh, Gavin? You, um... well, there's something... er, um, your forehead, Gavin. You have squash on your forehead. ...and um, a little something on your chin too.

We let Gavin try to feed himself a couple of times this week. He's been reaching for the spoon when we feed him lately and grabbing onto it as we put it in his mouth. So, we figured, what the heck, go crazy, kiddo. ...and he did.


Big Sis said...

Oh my gosh! He looks like he's having a ball! Did you hose both him and his chair off when he was done? He must have liked the squash. Is he ready to feed himself now?

Erin J said...

Goodness gracious, no! He would love to feed himself every meal every day, but he would starve. The amount of food that ended up in his mouth was half as much as was on the floor, his face, and his highchair - what good are bibs, anyway! ...and baby food is expensive! We'll keep working on it!