Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall Parade Fun!

As you know, we've been busy with a lot of family stuff, health stuff, and farm stuff...

but we have also been very busy having fun! We have been doing so much fun stuff I can't even keep up with the pictures of it all! Just in the last three months we have been out to St. Louis to visit my sister Kristin and her family, we have been to nearly all of our City Parks with friends and to the State Parks as a family. We have watched parades, gone for hikes in the woods and along the rivers, Cliff and I went on a grown-ups kayaking day with friends, we've done play dates and pumpkin patches and train rides and pig roasts and more! 

I can't possibly share ALL of the photos here (that's what scrapbooking is for, right?), but I do want to share a few! 

Here is just a glimpse into some of the fun we've been having! 

The photo above of Gavin is at the Shiner's / UWRF Homecoming parade. It was a chilly fall day, but perfect for parade-watching! We wore warm sweaters and enjoyed the crisp fall air! The edges of Main Street were lined with pretty fall leaves and the excitement around the UWRF Homecoming was energizing! My favorite two things about parades are the marching bands and the Shriners. This parade is nearly all Shriners from many different locations and it was awesome! The local marching bands also participated, so we had the best of both! It was one FUN parade! My sister Carrie and nephew Collin joined us for the parade. I wouldn't typically think of fall as parade season, but it sure turned out to be a great day for a parade!

(He is always making a crazy face! Love him anyway!)

Collin and Gavin

So, I initially thought I would share one or two pictures of each of the fun things we have been doing, but unfortunately (or rather fortunately!) I just loved these fun fall parade photos so much that I shared more than just a couple, so I guess I will plan to share the other fun pictures we have of all of the activities we've been doing another day!!!

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