Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Small Town Summer - Part 1

Our town, and the communities around us sure know how to keep a family busy through the summer! There is always SOMETHING going on! The nice thing is that none of the events are all consuming - they're all fun little things that are often free or of little cost and run anywhere from two hours long to a weekend, but you can always come and go as you like. It is perfect! It really is. We have free open car shows on Main Street, free concerts in the park, swimming at the local outdoor pool for $1.50, tractor pulls and truck pulls, Town and Country DayTouch-a-Truck, Farm City Day, and all sorts of carnivals and festivals. Some of our neighboring towns even have such events as "Running of the Llamas" where individual walkers/runners with a Llama in tow race down Main Street, a "Cheese Curd Festival" where the main attraction is, well, cheese curds, and a "UFO Days" celebration where the town celebrates their UFO sightings of the 1970's.

We have been BUSY enjoying all of this small town fun!

Monthly "Cruze-In" Custom Car & Motorcycle Show:  

Real Ice Cream in a sugar cone, waffle cone, chocolate-dipped waffle-cone, or cake cone at the South Fork Cafe:

(above photo courtesy of Yelp


There are a lot more pictures where these came from, so stay tuned for more SMALL TOWN SUMMER fun!

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