Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Thoughts

I've been enjoying recapping little snippets of my life that make me smile and sharing them with you. Sometimes these are just photos of things that I love, and sometimes they're a moment captured through the lens of my camera, speaking a thousand words. These are just simple little things that really make me smile - things I take photos of, but aren't necessarily something I'd write a whole blog post about. These are some of my happy thoughts for this week...

My Enamelware Dippers
These vintage enamelware dippers / butter warmers / cream skimmers were collected over several years and each one has a story of where I got it and who I was with. Most of them were found while on an outing or trip with someone special. Only three of them were actually found together and the rest were one here and one there. They are so cheerful and bright on my kitchen window sill. I love them!

One of Gavin's gazillion toy tractors after a quick little play session outside.
Seems this one "got stuck in the field" as Gavin would say!

Sugar Cereal
We don't typically buy cereal that looks like Rainbow Bright's moon boots, but Gavin had been begging for the "colored cheerios like Carrie has". So when we were at the grocery store I picked up a bag of tootie-fruities for him. You would think I gave him the moon. Typically we have oatmeal squares, frosted mini-wheats, cheerios, etc. This was a major treat and he LOVED it! (I have no idea why the picture is vertical here - it rotates it to vertical every time I upload it into blogger)

Play Shoes
This is the typical state of shoes at our house... every... day. Better sand than mud in my opinion, but we have both, every... day.

My Little Monk
After Gavin ended up swimming at the beach in his clothes, I pulled off the sopping wet shorts and t-shirt and zipped him up in my sweatshirt. Although it was sunny, it wasn't very warm out and he was turning blue! He looked so stinkin' cute in my sweatshirt, especially knowing that was ALL he was wearing!
This Face
Need I say more?

The Lion Fountain
One of our local parks has a lion drinking fountain just like the one at a park where I grew up. It's so nostalgic for me and Gavin loves it!


Cooling Off on a Hot Summer Night
This is one of my all-time favorite pictures. If only we all felt this free. Can't you just hear him shout "woo-hoo" as he takes a flying leap into one foot of cold hose water?

Simple Pleasures
An Edy's frozen coconut Fruit Bar on a hot summer night

Gavin & Daddy
Cliff took a break from working on building Gavin's playhouse to share his Edy's frozen strawberry Fruit Bar with Gavin. It was a hot and sticky night!
Summertime Legs
Full of bumps, bruises, scrapes and bug bites. Visible proof of fun and adventure!
Flowers for Momma
This week's flower. I love it when he picks me flowers from my own garden and brings them in the house to me. This one on the kitchen window sill is in an old blue glass bottle that we dug out of the ground next to our shed. 

A couple of days later he brought me a purple coneflower from my garden, complete with roots, dirt, and almost three feet of stem and leaves. Of course, I put it in a vase. It wasn't as pretty as this perfect daisy from earlier in the week. 

This things make me smile. They are my happy thoughts!

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Great post hun, nice pictures.