Friday, June 15, 2012

Lakehouse Weekend

We are lucky enough to have a family lakehouse about an hour's drive from our house on a beautiful, clear lake, perfect for swimming, fishing, boating, and water sports.

We started our weekend with a bonfire down on the beach, roasting marshmallows and laughing and chatting with some of my sisters, brothers, and nieces. It was a beautiful night around the fire and the perfect way to start the weekend.

After such a late night, we all slept pretty well, and were ready for some sunshine the next morning!

There does seem to be a minor influx of weeds this time of year, but daily rakings seem to keep the beach relatively clear.

Gavin was a happy camper "driving" the four-wheeler with the weed wagon with my brother Dan.

The lakehouse seems to be a never-ending project, with something always on the to-do list, but we most certainly take time for fun and relaxation too!

Gavin loves hanging out with all of his cousins! Natalie, Robyn, and Luke (not pictured) pulled Gavin all around our swimming area on the tube and enjoyed soaking up some sun, just floating around.

Gavin loves to ride in boats and the boat ride itself is more exciting to him than the fishing or whatever else we're doing. My brother Chuck had his boat up there this weekend, which meant we had an opportunity for tubing or waterskiing that we don't normally have with our duck-hunting boat.

Gavin got to try out tubing behind the boat with Dad. Although I love tubing, I decided to forego it this time considering the growing little bean in my belly who probably wouldn't appreciate the bouncing.

Gavin had ridden on the tube with me once last summer, but now that he's a bit older and a bit more adventurous, he was ready for a little more speed and a little more fun!

Gavin's cousins Robyn and Luke took a turn on the tube too and had a great time! They only fell off once or twice! Of course, their ride was a little more thrilling than Cliff and Gavin's ride!

Robyn even donned the skis for a few runs around the lake!

What a fun weekend! We are so lucky to have such wonderful family who we love to spend time with and so many great opportunities for fun!

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