Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy Thoughts

Here are some of my happy thoughts this week. The little things in my life that make me smile.

My flower beds... especially this friendly little guy relaxing in the purple Lamium.

A beautiful sunny day at the lake with my toes in the sand and a good book in my hand.

My boy when he climbs into my warm bed in the morning and falls asleep again, all cozy and comfy.

The view from the end of my driveway yesterday. The soybeans are up, the sky is sunny and blue, and the farms in Mann Valley look like they belong on a postcard or a calendar... and they're right out my front door.

My little boy who asks me "Mom, can we have cando wight for dinner?"  He loves eating by candle light, even when we're just having sandwiches. What a little romantic!

The sunset over the farm buildings just up the road. This is the view from my yard (last night).

The Clematis that I bought on Mother's Day this year. I still have it in the pot on my front porch because I'm trying to determine the perfect spot to plant it. I love how beautifully it's blooming and how happy it seems! 

Garage sale treasures like this $2.00 "aquarium" motion fish lamp that we set up in Gavin's room and he LOVES! The background rotates at one slow speed and the fish rotate at a slightly slower speed, making it look almost realistic, especially when his room is dark like in this photo!

and this $2.00 construction set that includes a wrecking ball on a bridge/crane, a dump truck and a loader and all of the parts are interchangeable so he can create a huge combination of "vehicles".

The soft morning sunlight coming in my bedroom windows each morning. My curtains are just enough to diffuse the light, but not block it.

My house after everyone else is in bed, the dishes are done, it's quiet, and the soft, dim light of the kitchen pendant and a few candles creates a calming glow.

Playing in the cool, clear water with my little guy, enjoying the wonder that is Minnesota's 10,000 lakes!

Loving hugs for a cousin. Gavin looks up to his cousin Nathan and loves to play with him! 

$1.00 Diggers from the Target dollar bins. They've provided HOURS of entertainment and Gavin even said "I wuv these cwaws (claws) sooooo much I wanna wear them to sweep tonight!"

The smile on this little guys face every time he hears he gets to go play with a favorite friend or cousin. Simple, simple pleasures...

These things make me smile!


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