Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Our Happy Little Snowbunny

Gavin with his cousins Nathan (10) and Collin (almost 2)

Gavin pulled Collin around the yard with just a teeny tiny bit of help from Nathan

With Gavin and Collin being just a year apart and having to share so much, they haven't always gotten along like we had hoped when Collin was born. Gavin and Collin share a lot. Clue: Nathan and Collin's Mom is my sister and they're Dad is Cliff's cousin, so they are related both on their Mom's side and on their Dad's side. Gavin and Collin also go to the same daycare, are watched by the same Grandma once a week, and have shared many of the same toys and clothes. When my sister was expecting Collin we were so excited that Gavin would have a playmate because there is a 7-year gap between him and his next older cousins. It was hard to see that the boys weren't fast friends from the very beginning, but it seems that as they get a bit older and their individual personalities become stronger, they are getting along better and better. They actually play together happily most of the time now and Gavin really looks forward to seeing both Nathan and Collin. They may be best friends afterall! Lucky for us, my other sister had a baby about 8 months after Collin was born too, so the 7-yr gap in babies in this family is history and we now have a fun little trio of tiny little blonde-haired blue-eyed children running around. Okay, so Gavin isn't all that tiny... at all. 

He and Collin sure look like they're happy sledding together, don't you think?  

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Sky said...

Looks like fun to me! You guys must have more snow than we got. I think ours is already gone!