Monday, November 28, 2011


I'm sitting in the big leather chair next to the fireplace in the living room. It's late and Gavin should have been asleep an hour ago, but he keeps coming out of his room to talk to me, climb up in my lap, and ask for kisses. I'm weak. I take the kisses. He's petting the arm of the chair...  "Momma, you're sitting in the chair I built. It's really special. I built it with wood and with this soft stuff (petting the leather), and it's really special Mom... and I built it with paint."

Sitting at the breakfast table one morning, completely out of the blue he says, "Mom! You're not a firefly, You're a dinosaur!"

In the car, on our way home from Grandma and Grandpa's house this weekend...
G: Damn it! I can say damn it, Mom
Me: No
G: Aw! I NEVER get to say damn it!
(okay, I know that shouldn't be funny, but it was a good thing it was dark out so he couldn't see me stifling my laughter! Saying damn it isn't funny, but saying you NEVER get to say damn it is damn funny!)

While having an afternoon snack with his cousin Renee:
"I'm bored. I'm gonna marry myself"

On day four of Daddy's eight-day fishing trip:
G: One time I took Daddy hunting.
Me: You did? Where?
G: In the pasture, where my cow lives! It's far, far away.
Me: What were you hunting for?
G: Um... um... swans!
Me: Swans?
G: Yup. They're big!
Me: What color were they?
G: Green. Daddy cut them so we could eat the meat in them.

We used M&Ms as a motivator during potty training. One M&M for number ones and two M&Ms for number twos. One day while I was getting two M&Ms for Gavin, our cat Moses was meowing...
G: (to me) He's just Mowin' cause he wants some supper. (then to Moses) Silly Moses! It's not supper time, it's M&M time! (to me again) I'll go give him a scoop (of food).
Me: I already fed him, Gavin
G: (to Moses) Mom said she already fed you, Moses!


Big Sis said...

You are so patient! I love that you are writing those things down and remember them so well. He has a great imagination and he makes all of us laugh, even when we shouldn't!

Sky said...

That is adorable... Little boys always seem to make everybody giggle at the things we don't want to encourage. Little rascals!:) I'm pretty sure none of us will forget his comment on Thanksgiving! "There aren't any girls in here..."

Alli @ Life on LeRoy said...

hahahaha!! Seriously funny! Kids say the most funny things and they're so innocent about it!

Renee said...

I had forgotten about the "i'm bored" comment. I'm glad you remembered.

I did not forget the dragon commnt. "If a dragon came by me, i'd just snuggle him up!"

Dana said...

The other morning, when I was getting him ready to go to Jo's, I had him look out the window at the snow. He told me he couldn't play outside because he had a band-aid on, and his fingers would freeze. He also said he couldn't throw the new band-aid wrapper away because he couldn't use all his fingers because he had a band-aid on.