Thursday, May 19, 2011


Gavin has a beautiful mouth full of straight, bright, perfect teeth. He loves to suck the toothpaste out of the toothbrush brush his teeth every night. It doesn't seem to matter how many times we re-apply toothpaste to the toothbrush. He just keeps sucking it out of there! We like the Colgate 'My First' Flouride-free Toothpaste in the mild berry flavor. I'm not a fan of toothpaste that tastes like bubble-gum nor of toothpaste that looks like bubble-gum. The My First Colgate toothpaste is clear and has a slightly fruity flavor, but is not overly sweet. (sidebar: I've actually also wanted to try Tom's of Maine's Children's Flouride-free Toothpaste since they use all natural ingredients, but I haven't bothered to order it and haven't found it locally. Maybe we will try it some day, but we do love our Colgate!  

The toothbrush we like is the Oral B Stages Disney Toothbrush. We still use the one for 2-24 month olds, because I like that it is shorter and more rounded than the ones for older kids. I worry about a longer toothbrush in his mouth in case he trips or bumps into something while brushing. We have at least four of this toothbrush because, inevitably, they get left all around the house. Sometimes if we don't get teeth brushed in the bathroom, we brush them in bed, or even in the kitchen. It's not uncommon to brush teeth in the bathtub either. Since we don't use a foaming toothpaste and he sucks all of the toothpaste off doesn't need to spit, it works fine to brush anywhere.
All this toothbrushing has paid off. He has beautiful teeth. Okay, so I know that it has nothing to do with the brushing and is just luck so far, since he is only 2 years old. We're just trying to influence good habits for the future. 

I love his mouth full of bright, straight, healthy teeth. I love it when his smile shows all of those teeth! He looks so grown up and so not two years old! I tried to get a picture of his nice teeth the other day. It didn't go so well... 

"Gavin, will you smile for me?" (see photo #1)

"Can you smile with your mouth open?"  (see photo #2)

"Can you show me your teeth?" (now that's better)

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Big Sis said...

He is just showing you that there are SO many ways to smile! I bet he can come up with a few more next time you ask.