Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Learning to Wink

"Wook Mom! One eye open and one eye cwosed."

Learning to wink takes a lot of practice and a lot of concentration... and some head-tilting... and requires you to wear a towel on your head.

Didn't you know?


Kristin said...

Hahaha! I've learned that learning anything new takes a lot of energy. What a cutie!
btw- I'm pretty sure you're the only person that reads my blog.

Big Sis said...

That is so not true. I just feel like things I write come out corny instead of what I really mean. I love to hear what you are doing and I check multiple times a day! I'll say hi more often!

Big Sis said...

Yes he is a cutie! And you guys make me smile and giggle with all of your stories!

Jennifer said...

This is a riot! I've been in blog withdrawal and this made the wait worth while. He is a doll. Tell your sister that your old co-worker reads her blog and am addicted to that now too:) Please keep writing!