Thursday, March 10, 2011

Miracle on OUR Street

Wednesday night... 

Gavin went right off to bed with a smile. That made me smile.

There was no coming out of his room, not even once.

There were no tears.

I heard no "way whiff me mom"

There was no "I want ooo to hnuggo whiff me"

We got home from church, said goodnight to Daddy, put jammies on, filled his water bottle, read two books, turned out the lamp, said our prayers, and that was it. By the time I had turned out the lamp, he had already rolled onto his belly so that I could pull the blankets up over him. We always read books laying on our backs and then he rolls over to go to sleep. If he isn't on his belly when we walk out of his room, he is definitely not going to sleep. He rolled over on his own, with no prompting. I pulled up the covers, kissed him and told him what a good boy he is. I told him that I knew he could stay in his bed because he was getting really good at doing the right thing. I told him how proud I would be of him if he stayed in his bed. (We've told him all of this before).

There wasn't a peep. That sweet little guy went right off to sleep.

A Miracle, I tell you!

After the priest said "Turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel" to Gavin and put the ashes on his forehead, and before my turn, he grinned at Gavin and said, "You're alright" He didn't say it in such a manner to reassure Gavin that everything was okay, but rather as a compliment to Gavin, like "you're cool" or something. Gavin smiled at him. It was pretty sweet - like the two of them had a little secret. It made me smile. Gavin always likes the parts in church where the priest talks directly to him or touches him to bless him. He sits very quiet and content in my arm and looks right at the priest as he places his hand on Gavin's head. Then as we walk back to our pew, he doesn't take his eyes off his "friend". Kinda sweet. (That was the end of the sweetness though as I later had to haul Gavin out kicking and screaming because I wouldn't let him hold his snack bowl on his own).

You win some, you lose some. The miraculously easy bedtime more than made up for the screaming fit in church.  : )

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