Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sweet as a Cookie

I dragged Gavin to Target with me on Saturday morning. We try not to drag him around on our errands when we can avoid it - partly because it's a lot of sitting for him - sitting in the car, sitting in the shopping cart, etc. and partly because we want him to enjoy the time we have together on the evenings and weekends rather than dread it. However, I had to make a relatively quick run to Target and Cliff was tied up working on a project, so we did the errand running together and it was okay!

On the way to Target, I gave him an oatmeal chocolate cookie since it was 11:30 and I knew we wouldn't be having lunch until at least 1:00. He liked that cookie. I liked his sweet, chocolatey smile. What a little sugar lump!

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Kat said...

He looks EXACTLY like cliff in this picture!