Thursday, January 27, 2011

Peter Piper vs. Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater (and other funnies)

Video courtesy of Dana and Renee

Gavin has been LOVING playing hide and seek, thanks to some new friends of his, Connie, Janet, and Edna. You see, we went up to Connie & Richard's cabin over New Year's weekend with Jeremy, Rita, and Sloane and Gavin made fast friends with the "Grandmas" in the group! Connie, Janet, and Edna taught Gavin and Sloane to play hide and seek (or "seek" as Gavin calls it). At first Gavin would say to us, "Want to seek Ooo, Mom". Now that he's advanced and grown for three whole weeks since then, he says "Hide, Mom"

He kept hiding in the same place, so we're working on teaching him to hide in different places. He sometimes doesn't like to be found and sometimes he jumps out before we "find" him.

This morning as I was getting ready for work, he asked me to play hide and seek. We were in the laundry room and I was looking through the clean laundry piles for some clothes. He said "find me, Mom" and he backed into the laundry room closet, pulling the door closed in front of him. I of course had to pretend like I didn't know where he was and so I looked around a while before I "found" him. Then he said "Ooo hide now, Mom".

So, I start to walk away to find a place to hide and he says "No Mom, Ooo hide in there" and he gently pushes me into the laundry room closet. Then he closes the door on me and proceeds to walk around for a minute or so saying "Mom's not in da sink. Mom's not in da baff tub. Mom's not in bed. Whayo IS Mom?" and then he opened the closet door and shouted "I found ooo!"

What a funny little guy! 

Last night, I got home around 8:45, so Gavin was already in bed, but not asleep. I was wearing black pants with a black and white striped blouse and a black flowy cardigan. I snuck in to his room to tuck him in and he put his hand on my shoulder and said "I wike oeu dwess, Mom". I repeated what he had said, in question, "You like my dress?"
"Mmm hmmm. It's bootifo."
"Thanks, buddy. That's a really nice thing to say." (even though I wasn't wearing a dress) 
"I wuv ooo Mom. I weally wike ooo shirt."
"Thank you Gavin. I love you too, bud. Good night."
"See ooo Mom"

There's just something about that sweet and soft little tender two-year-old voice saying such big things. He makes me want to just smooch him all up!  

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