Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our Christmas Season Part I

This holiday season was so much fun with Gavin. Last year he was still too little to really get it, but now that he is two, it seems that he has a little better understanding and really enjoyed all of the preparations and festivities. We spent a few weeks decorating our house for Christmas, went to choose and cut our Christmas tree, dug outselves out of the snow over, and over, and over and had some great times with our families.

For our family cookie exchange, I always do the gingerbread men. It's a less-spicy version of gingerbread that uses butterscotch pudding mix and we all like it. We usually have the most fun decorating the gingerbread men. This year, Gavin really enjoyed helping me roll & cut out the cookies and looked through his Gingerbread Man book while we worked. He kept saying, "Run, run, as fast as you can! You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!" or rather, "Wun, fast as can. Can't get me, a dinna ban!" 

(notice the apple in these pictures. He just can't leave an apple alone. If there is one within sight, he has nibbled on it!)


On the Friday after Thanksgiving, we always go to the small town River Dazzle Parade.

The little boys table at Luigi's Pizza before the parade...

 Stuart M, Vinnie D, Gavin, Cole  and Brett D

The big boys table - Collin M, Cliff, Nick D

Cliff pulling Gavin and Collin pushing Piper. Both the big kids and the little kids were real troopers.

Gavin's favorite float. He was so excited to see Elmo! be continued

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