Monday, January 10, 2011

Morning Coffee Break

Some days healthy eating habits just go right out the window. Not that I am necessarily unhealthy on those days, just unbalanced. Like today, for instance. It's 10:30 AM and I've had an iced vanilla latte from McDonald's, an iced chai latte from Mapp's, (it was an early morning) and two Oats & Chocolate Fiber Bars. I can tell you that I've proven it IS safe to eat two fiber bars in a day. They say that one of those bars contain 30% of your recommended dietary fiber for a day. So, three of them should be a whole day's worth if you ate nothing else, right? Well, last Wednesday, I realized at about 5:30 PM that I was on my FIFTH fiber bar of the day. And do you know what? It made no difference in my digestive system at all. Yes, I had eaten five fiber bars (two oats & chocolate, one dark chocolate cherry, and two oats & strawberry with almonds) and one cup of soup that day. You'd think I'd be a mess, but nope!

This morning came early. We stayed up until after midnight both Friday night and Saturday night and Gavin doesn't exactly let us sleep in. ( I did start AND finish another book. That's two books read cover to cover in one week) Last night we were in bed by 10:00 or 10:30, but Gavin was up at 4:30, crying. It was an off night for him. I'm not sure if he isn't feeling well or if something else was up, but he didn't really go back to sleep after that. Cliff went in and comforted him at 4:30. We no sooner both got settled back in and were just drifting back to sleep when Gavin started crying again. This time I went. When I walked into his room, he was just getting to his door and he wrapped his arms around my legs and said "say anuvo (another) pwayo mom". I tucked him back in and said another prayer. When I started walking out again he started crying. He was laying on his back, just softly crying, with tears running down his cheeks and into his ears. I asked him what was wrong. "way whiff me mom"

I layed next to him for 10 or 15 minutes. Then I whispered that I was going back to my bed. He nodded. I got into my room and was just rounding the end of the bed to walk around to my side when the crying started again. "Mommy, I needju" I turned around and headed back toward his room and he met me in our doorway. He asked me to lay with him. I went back into his room and laid with him for a while longer. He wasn't falling asleep. I told him that I needed to go start getting ready for work (it was now 5:30!) He said he wanted Daddy to "way whiff" him. I came out of his room and headed toward our room to tell Cliff that Gavin wanted him to lay with him. Cliff got up and was pulling a t-shirt on when Gavin started crying for Daddy. Cliff went in and laid with him. I was just about ready to leave for work when Cliff came back into our room and crawled back into bed. At 6:15 Gavin started crying again and came into our room. Cliff let him climb in bed with him. They were both snuggling in there in the dark, asking for one more kiss, when I left for work this morning. You know how hard it is to actually leave for work when it's 6:15 AM, pitch dark outside and a mere 15 degrees and your hubby and your baby are all snuggled warm in bed together with at least another hour before they need to be up and getting ready to head out? It's a little tough. Hence the stop at McDonald's for an iced vanilla latte.

Happy Monday folks! Have a cup of coffee (or two!) and a fiber bar (or two!).

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Big Sis said...

After a morning like that you deserve the treats! Weekends are hard to leave behind. I can imagine how hard it is to leave such a snuggly sight. I am so fortunate to be with my kids all day.