Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Hump Day

I'm taking a coffee break today. I don't care what is on my to-do list. I decided I needed a break, so here I am, blogging... in the middle of the morning!!!

Happy hump day. Thank goodness it's hump day. I don't know how many more days I could handle this week. Not that any thing has been going wrong - I'm just plain tired this week.

Gavin went to bed last night without too many complaints. We didn't start the bedtime routine until after 9:00 because we were busy picking up messes in the basement and lost track of time. After getting him into his jammies and reading him his two bedtime books (okay, okay, so I read three last night!), I tucked him in. He was out of his room 14 times, but there was minimal crying and he eventually settled in on his own and drifted off to sleep. When I checked on him at 10:00 he was sound asleep, so that wasn't too bad at all!


Here's a bit of irony for you. This morning on my way in to work, the vehicle in front of me had a customized license plate that said "2B GREEN". I assumed it was someone who is trying to be more green, more economical, more earth friendly, conservative... but they vehicle was a GMC Yukon... go figure!

It's a gray day today - not bitterly cold, I think the high is going to be around 17 degrees. It snowed lightly on my way in to work, but not enough to cover the dirty gray streets and snowpiles. Yesterday when I left work, it had snowed almost 2 inches in Minneapolis and the dingy gray was covered with a fresh coat of white. This morning that was all gone. The streets are dirty, the snowbanks are dirty, the cars are all dirty. I can't wait for a fresh six inches of snow!!! I hear we're going to get a little dusting this afternoon and maybe again tomorrow. I'd like a good fresh white 4-6" Saturday morning. If I could get all of my bird feeders and baths refilled this week, I'd love to just sit and watch it snow, watch the birds feeding, savor my morning coffee and some honey & brown sugar sausage frying on the stove. Oh, I just can't wait! Hurry up week! I want my Saturday!

Not too bad - it only took me 5 minutes to write this, and that's less time than it takes the smokers in the office to take their breaks!!

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Big Sis said...

I love this. I feel like we just had a little visit. You have motivated me to go move my one bird feeder to my clothesline pole where I might be able to see it while I'm at my desk. I haven't filled feeders yet this year! Thank you!