Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Day

My baby can't say birthday, but he knows what he means! I turned 34 yesterday. I wanted to see Gavin before I left for work, so I went in his room so that he would wake up. Cliff came in with me. When Gavin woke up, Cliff asked him to say what they had been practicing. Gavin said, "Happy... (signature Gavin pause)... Day!" He gave me a soft sweet kiss on the cheek. What a sweet little guy. It WAS a happy day. I am so, so blessed.

My boss left a gorgeous bouquet of flowers on my desk, which was very thoughtful. But the bouquet I really appreciated was the one  from my dear hubby. I can't remember when he last gave me flowers! A bright yellow spider mum, a bright orange gerbera daisy, some alstroemeria, and some delicate white orchids all in a tall slender wavy square glass vase. What a sweetheart. And I'm sure that his coworkers didn't pressure him at all!  : )

My coworker made me a set of three adorable hand-sewn bags out of a fabric called "Erin's Stripe". One is the size of a make-up or travel  bag, one is the size of a coin purse, and one is a tissue holder. They're absolutely adorable and were made just for me. I love the giant rick-rack and the bright colors!

Cliff gave me this awesome Kodak PlaySport video camera which I know will come in handy, especially in the summer when we're playing on the beach, fishing, etc. Oh, and it's almost over! This thing is awesome and I already used it a little! You can even see a DEMO of it on the Kodak website!

I wish I'd had the video camera last weekend when I went out to dinner with a couple of my best girlfriends at one of my favorite places!

Left to Right: My girlfriend Katie, my sister Carrie, my girlfriend Carrie, Birthday Girl (Me!), my sister Liane.

Doesn't that look like a fabulous evening? We had a delicious carb-filled dinner of assorted pastas and just a few glasses of Erath Pinot Gris under the open-air pavillion of  Vino in the Valley. I savored every bite of my Garlic Shrimp Linguini in it's savory white wine butter sauce with mushrooms, peppers, spinach, onions, and tomatoes. The talk of the evening was the hot air balloons that were taking off just as we finished our dinner. They were offering an incredible deal on hot air balloon rides that evening as part of a fundraiser that was going on that evening. I could have had a 45-minute hot air balloon ride (one of my dreams!!) for a mere $150. If I wasn't so deeply enjoying the company of the girls and the delicious food and wine, I would have jumped at the opportunity, but I didn't have the $750 for all five of us to go, so I decided to save that adventure for another time! It sure was beautiful to see the balloons take off. After dinner we enjoyed a horse & wagon ride down along the Rush River. It was a gorgeous night and I couldn't have picked a more wonderful group of girls to spend it with!

I was also given some other very beautiful and thoughtful birthday gifts that I'd like to share with you soon. Some beautiful pottery, photo album, and some of my favorites - kitchen gadgets!  I'll post photos of some of those soon.

The very best part of my birthday week though, without a doubt, was my date with my hubby and my little boy. We had an unforgettable picnic in the park. I'll share pictures with you soon!

'til then, happy day!

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