Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What's in your pants?

What's that newspaper editorial feature called? "Kid's Say the Darnedest Things"?  Here's one to share...

Last week we were "up north" in a cabin at Breezy Point Resort on Pelican Lake with 15 of my closest family members. Gavin was in 7th heaven with all of the people and all of the attention. He was in show-off mode and had quickly learned what things that he said made people laugh and he was sure to repeat them, several times. For example, he started saying "No Way" in a very cute and silly tone of voice. We're still trying to get him over that one! It was cute the first 100 times we heard it. It's not as cute now.

The best though, was not the "No Way". It was "a meatball". My Mom had made meatballs for dinner and they were delicious. Gavin loves ground beef - he really does. He loves meatballs, meatloaf, cheeseburgers, breakfast sausage, and bratwurst, but meatballs may be his favorite of all of them. So, some time after we had eaten our meal of tasty barbecued meatballs, someone noticed a bit of an odor that suggested Gavin may have needed a diaper change. So, I simply asked him if he had pooped. He said "No Way" in his cute little "No Way" way. So... I said, "you didn't? What's in your diaper?"

He clearly and plainly replied, "A Meatball".

He was probably right. What was in his diaper may very well have been a meatball at one point. However, I sure wouldn't want him mistaking it for a meatball in the state it was in! That was one stinky meatball!

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